Your Views: Improving Local Safety

We asked, Roswell Patch readers answered. Monday we asked you how you would improve local safety. Here's a sampling of your responses.

From the ambitious to the readily achievable, from upscale aspirations to the socially conscious, Roswell residents always offer some interesting and sometimes controversial ideas. Here's what you said

In general, do you feel safe living in Roswell?

  • Yes, most of the time.
  • Yes, more than most of Atlanta. - Chuck Crider
  • Yes
  • Fairly safe. - Ron Sonshiba

What kinds of interaction have you had with local law enforcement?

  • Seen them at sporting events and shopping areas.
  • Many times and all very positive. - Chuck Crider
  • Good protectors.
  • Tickets
  • Not much. However, I do think they are way over the top setting up speed traps on Crossville Road. Seems like a huge revenue producer. Just think its too much entrapment.
  • None - Ron Sonshiba

Where, if any, do you feel there are areas for safety improvement in Roswell?

  • Definite need for a [Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program] to supplement the . - Ron Sonshiba
  • Patrolling areas where more car robberies have been happening. You can only remind resdients so much to keep things hidden in their cars. Seems Roswell is an area robbers are targeting more. Would like trucks off Canton street too.
  • None. There is a big .
  • Perhaps a program in the middle school where some students are feeling pressure to be a part of gangs.
  • Fix the car break-ins at the parks. -Chuck Crider
  • Not sure how we can improve, but the Holcomb Bridge corridor provides too easy an access/escape for outsiders coming into our community. It is easy for someone to disappear into the traffic and not be caught. Many of us need to frequent the businesses along Holcomb Bridge after work or at night (especially since it gets dark earlier now) and this makes us targets for criminals.

Do you have any ideas for local programs that would enhance city safety?

  • Not really sure, but maybe something like the neighborhood watch system could be introduced for retailers at shopping areas like Centennial Kroger and the new Target.
  • Put a bait car with a laptop on the seat at a park and watch the car from 100 feet away and catch the crook. - Chuck Crider
  • Better schooling of Roswell/GA laws/rules of the road for new drivers and parent in the high school.
  • More community policing.
  • Community Emergency Response Team program - Ron Sonshiba

Do you agree or disagree with these answers? Have more to say? Tell us in the comments below!


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