Fellowship Gets Approval on Design of New Lights, Sound System

The Roswell City Council overturned a failed design approval on Monday night.

Roswell City Council went ahead and approved the design of the proposed sound system and stadium lighting for after the initial proposal failed to make it through the Roswell Design Review Board because of a tie vote.

When an Oct. 4 vote by the DRB resulted in a 2-2 tie vote and no way to break it with board members absent, the application was denied by default. Not satisfied to let the proposed design die, Fellowship appealed the decision and took it to city council.

Representatives for Fellowship Christian told city council that the design included four stadium lighting poles, two on each side of the field at the 15 yard line and the goal line.

Council was assured that light louvers would prevent the stadium lighting from "bleeding" into neighboring properties. They were also reassured that the school would stick to its promise of abiding by city sound ordinances, which allow for 70 decibels of noise during the day and only 60 decibels at night.

If Fellowship should break any of the conditions, the city's recourse would be to assign violations and fines.

Mayor Jere Wood opened the agenda item with an up front statement on how council only needed to hear about the design of the .

"Your fate was decided July 11; but I didn't vote for it." Councilman Kent Igleheart told audience members.

The motion, made by Councilwoman Betty Price and seconded by Councilwoman Becky Wynn, passed 4-1. Igleheart voted against and Councilman Rich Dippolito abstained.

janet h russell November 15, 2011 at 10:17 PM
No Surprise on this decision. The council did question what would happen if the decibels from the PA system exceeded the limit or the lighting bled ? The Mayor said they would receive a citation. I doubt that would happen. FCS had 48 outstanding violations on conditions for use of the property for 5 years and never received one citation. So their attitude seems to be that they will do what ever they want, when they want, how they want and the city and its residents (who pay taxes) are to be disregarded. Great role model for the children who attend this school. Council man Orlans should have recused himself from the original vote and for this one. His children attend the school. While not legally required to recuse himself, ethically it would have been the right thing to do.


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