Fulton Lawmakers Push School Board to Approve Charter Renewal

The legislators say rejecting a revised application for Fulton Science Academy Middle School that meets all of Superintendent Avossa's demands 'is not the right answer.'

The Fulton legislative delegation–including Rep. Jan Jones of Milton and Rep. Chuck Martin of Alpharetta–have asked the Fulton School Board to accept a revised charter renewal application from .

"The ramifications of closing this school have far reaching negative effects for all of Georgia," the letter released today stated.

The lawmakers say refusing to grant the charter will lead to the closing of and Fulton Sunshine Academy, the two schools allied with the middle school in a an $18.5 million bond issue to pay for a new building for all three schools.

"We have a legal opinion and confirmation from the State of Georgia that your Board does have the power and authority to accept the resubmitted petition immediately that meets all of Dr. Robert Avossa's requirements and demands for approval." the lawmakers' letter stated.

(The entire letter sent to the school board is attached to this article as a pdf file.)

Before receiving this letter the school board considered this charter application closed.

School Board President Linda Schutlz sent a letter to Ali Ozer of the charter school's governing board, saying the three schools entering a joint bond issue made them dependent on each other financially, so a three-year charter was required to match their terms. The board knew the middle school had offered an eight-year term, but still denied the charter.

"The Board now considers this matter to be closed. Please communicate this to the members of the governing body," Schultz said in her letter.

(This letter also is attached to this article as a pdf file.)

Mike Lowry December 23, 2011 at 04:30 PM
This action is clear evidence of the school board's intense bias against charter schools. They are incapable of making a rational judgement. The General Assembly should pass the necessary amendments to take responsibility for charter schools away from the school boards.
MarkMunoz December 29, 2011 at 06:41 AM
What does Fulton Science Academy shirking their charter school contract responsibility have to do with "bias against charter schools?" Everyone should be looking at FSA's school board not Fulton County's Board of Education. http://www.gulencharterschool.weebly.com And please stop with the "but but It's an award winning school" same story at all of these privately managed schools. No accountability, just playing the blame game. Well HELLO Alpharetta, this school let you down and now wants to "pass the buck onto someone else" Frankly, if you want the school you should be getting busy with filing with the state of Georgia.


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