Georgia Weapons License Carry Fee To Rise in March

The fees will go up by $7 when you apply for a license at the Cherokee County Probate Court.

A budget crunch at the state level has caused the Fulton County Probate Court to increase the fee to obtain a Georgia weapons carry license.

Beginning March 1, the fee will increase from $72.25 to $79.25 when you apply for a license at the Fulton County Probate Court. 

The increase is due to the Georgia Crime Information Center, a division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, increasing the fee to perform state and federal background checks, which will rise from $37.25 to $44.25.

GBI Spokesman John Bankhead said the increase is a "budget issue."

The GBI revised increased the fees for fingerprint-based state background checks submitted for "employment, contractor or licensing purposes," according to a GCIC operations bulletin.  

"These changes are a result of the significant revenue shortfalls experienced by the state of Georgia, which necessitate that GCIC recover the costs incurred in conducting fingerprint-based CHRI searches," the bulletin said. 

What do you think of the fee increase? Tell us in the comments!

Bob from Roswell February 09, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Thanks for the update my license is up for renewal. In life things cost and your hobby and your life style is your responsibility. A few dollars more for the things we enjoy is worth it. So maybe I don't eat out one day next week or drive my car a few miles less to make up the increase.
jeff February 11, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Why do we still have to be licensed? The criminal doesn't get one.


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