No Bombshell Revealed in Orrick Personnel File

After filing an open records request with the city of Roswell under the Freedom of Information Act, Roswell Patch has obtained a copy of former Roswell Police Chief's personnel file, which reveal little evidence as to why he resigned.

There are still no clear answers as to why "it didn't work out for the city and for Chief Orrick, according to Mayor Jere Wood in an interview with wsbtv.com.

Dwayne Orrick's personnel file showed he had met and even exceeded expectations in all of three employee performance evaluations since coming on with the city in early 2011.

City Administrator Kay Love's evaluations of Orrick seemed positive. She listed in all three of his reviews that he "exceeded expectations" for his initiative. She often notes the positive feedback from department heads regarding Orrick. At his six-month evaluation in August 2011, Love praised Orrick's leadership style, writing: "He has the innate ability to assess a problem and come up with a solution within resources allocated. The end result is a more efficient department."

The only negative comments from Love were in regards to his communication style.

Her review of Orrick in June repeated some of the same concerns she had in February, at his 12-month review, which praised changes in the department, but appeared concerned over some officers clear understanding of those changes. 

"There have been some challenges in effectively communicating the changes throughout all levels of the Police Department to ensure there is a clear understanding of expectations, roles and responsibilities," she wrote in June.

"He tends to rush things; therefore, he should focus on taking a measured approach to future changes to ensure adequate time to communicate, assess & measure the effectiveness," she added.

Check back for updates to this story in the future.

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