North Fulton CID Adds Funds to Roswell's Big Creek Parkway Study

The $35,000 approved by the CID helps Roswell leverage its own matching funds with $280,000 from state and federal funding.

The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) put $35,000 in the pot to help fund part of the Big Creek Parkway planning study in Roswell. The roadway is intended to help alleviate local traffic congestion and provide better connectivity between the eastern and western portions of the city. 

The Big Creek Bridge Road Corridor Study begun in 2010 will evaluate two north-south roadways parallel to Ga. 400 that would connect Holcomb Bridge Road at Davis Circle on the West, and at North Point Parkway on the East side.

Final Holcomb Bridge Road Corridor Study Meeting Scheduled – June 2012

Holcomb Bridge Road Corridor Study Kicks Off – August 2011

At its January board meeting, the CID approved $35,000 to help fund phases three and four of the Big Creek Parkway planning study. The Big Creek Parkway is part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transportation Improvement Plan, which lists needed road projects around the region and prioritizes them for support.

The entire planning study costs $350,000 and will be paid for with a $280,000 federal/state commitment to the project. The city of Roswell and the CID have both agreed to contribute $35,000, totaling a $70,000 local match.

A public meeting on the Big Creek Parkway Bridge was held in August 2012 to unveil plans for the proposed 2-lane roadway.

“This is a 10-to-1 match – the CID’s $35,000 will help complete a $350,000 planning study for the city and citizens of Roswell,” said Brandon Beach, executive director of the North Fulton CID. “The study also helps us explore new ways to alleviate the congestion at the Ga. 400 and Holcomb Bridge interchange, and new connections to Big Creek Park and the Big Creek Greenway.”

Updated information from the city of Roswell is available at on the city's website, as well as the city’s Facebook page. For more information on the North Fulton Community Improvement District, contact Kristin Rome, Project Assistant, at 678-397-0570, or visit the website.


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