Red Light for Traffic Signal at Brumbelow, Nesbit Ferry

Roswell issues stop-work order; Johns Creek votes to pull work permit application.

Potential construction of a traffic signal at Brumbelow and Nesbit Ferry roads on the Johns Creek-Roswell border has seemingly hit a final red light after several rounds of negotiating between the two cities.

After numerous inquiries from Johns Creek residents, the city of Johns Creek had conducted studies and determined that the intersection needed a traffic light for safety purposes. , which Roswell ultimately declined to do.

About two-thirds of the intersection at Nesbitt Ferry and Brumbelow roads is in Roswell, with the rest in the Johns Creek right-of-way.

In July, Roswell had approved a permit allowing for installation of the signal. In December, Johns Creek decided to proceed on construction of the signal without any funding from Roswell.

According to a timeline provided by the City of Johns Creek, on Jan. 31 of this year Johns Creek gave Roswell verbal notice that construction of the signal would begin the following week, and followed up with an email notification. Roswell Public Works confirmed in writing that they received the notification.

Construction began on the signal on Feb. 6, but the next day construction was stopped when Roswell issued a stop-work order from Roswell Transportation Director Steve Acenbrak that stated, "Our Mayor has directed that this project come back to the Transportation Committee for review. Please stop all work on this intersection."

Johns Creek had a second work permit application pending, but voted 5-2 on Monday to revoke it as it was contingent on signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Roswell. The document stipulated in part that Johns Creek complete all necessary road improvements at the intersection before constructing the signal and that Roswell would have control of signal timing.

Mayor Mike Bodker and council member Kelly Stewart voted against pulling the work permit. "If it did not concern public safety, I could walk away," Stewart said.

"I believe we have stuck this out," said council member Bev Miller. "[Roswell has] spoken loud and clear by voiding the permit. . . . I'm bothered that we offered to pay for it and they turned us down."

Added council member Karen Ricardson, "I can't imagine that we would agree to hand full control of the light to Roswell."


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