'Rep. Woodall Should be Held Accountable for Voting Against the Middle Class'

Letter to the Editor: "Congress, without the help of Representative Rob Woodall, finally came together to protect the middle class."

(Editor's note: The following is a letter to the editor sent by Jason Pfeifle, field organizer for Georgia Fair Share.)

Congress, without the help of Representative Rob Woodall, finally came together to protect the middle class.

On Tuesday, Congress passed a bipartisan compromise that extends much needed tax cuts for middle class Georgians and local small businesses.

Unfortunately, Representative Rob Woodall, who represents a large number of local Georgians, voted, in effect, for a $2,200 tax hike on middle class families in the midst of a slow economic recovery.  By taking money out of the pockets of middle class families, this kind of tax increase would have threatened to derail the progress our state has made since the beginning of the recession.

I am excited to continue the work of Georgia Fair Share to give every Georgian a fair shot and a secure future.  The coalition that has been built right here in Gwinnett County will continue to work on behalf of middle class Georgians, and we will ensure that Representative Woodall is held accountable for voting against the interests of the middle class voters that elected him.  Millions are still out of work and the economy has a long ways to go until we are fully recovered from the recession.





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Bluedobee January 04, 2013 at 03:32 PM
I wouldn't have voted for it either. What's fair about targetting a minority (even though they are wealthy)? Isn't that a form of discrimination? Civil rights legislation was passed to protect "minorities". But, I guess if you're wealthy, it's OK to discriminate against you. Funny, how it's twisted to fit agendas. And what about those who don't pay anything?? Is this fair to those of us who do? EVERY American, regardless of income, should contribute something, period. And BTW, just who is that determines what's "fair"? You?? Congress?? The President??? We are human and our biases, in this case against the wealthy, will always preclude us from being truely "fair".


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