Roswell Council Gives Initial OK to New Zoning Code

A map review of the proposed Unified Development Code was delayed until Jan. 27; final passage could come on Feb. 10.

Kent Igleheart was one of two votes against the first reading of the UDC. Patch File Photo
Kent Igleheart was one of two votes against the first reading of the UDC. Patch File Photo
The Roswell City Council has given tentative approval to a new zoning code, but there were dissenting votes. 

By a 4-2 Monday, the council approved the first reading of the proposed Unified Development Code

Voting in favor were council members Nancy Diamond, Rich Dippolito, Becky Wynn and Jerry Orlans. 

Voting against were Kent Igleheart and Betty Price, who indicated they wanted more time to have questions answered.

(Here's a draft of what the council voted on, before the amendments were inserted as part of Monday's action.)

A map review that was to have been part of Monday's proceedings was delayed until Jan. 27. 

The second reading, or final action, on the UDC is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 10. 

The council's action on Monday included 12 amendments to the UDC (see page 3 of the attached PDF, which includes a summary of other action at the meeting).

The process of overhauling the city's zoning code has been underway since 2012, and was undertaken to streamline regulations and contemporary development and zoning practices easily understood by citizens, planners and developers. 

If it is adopted as scheduled, the UDC would take effect on March 11. 

In other action Monday, the council appointed Nancy Diamond as Mayor Pro Tem for 2015. The vote carried 5-0, with Diamond abstaining.

Lee Fleck January 16, 2014 at 08:50 AM
In what can only be described as a total breach of parliamentary procedures the Roswell City Council approved the first reading of the UDC after its author, Councilwoman Diamond, had to resort to 50 amendments ( not 12). And over a “point of order” objection, Comrade Wood proceeded to open the floor to public input without a motion even being presented to City Council to approve this universal zoning code document. Historically, motions are presented to council which makes additions or corrections in the form of amendments long before the matter is presented to the public for their input and final evaluation. This procedure insures that unacceptable amendments cannot be “slipped in” and the public denied the opportunity to respond to such an undesirable tactic. These protocols were completely ignored by Comrade Wood and this is just one further example how this administration uninterested in public involvement on the UDC. Public Comments were technically directed towards Mrs. Alice Wakefield, Roswell’s Community Development Director opening remarks consisting of a litany of meetings to include what she presented as a favorable presentation to the residents of Martin’s Landing subdivision. As a resident of this subdivision, I can candidly state that Mrs. Wakefield exited that presentation with her tail between her legs resorting to the repetitive excuse that the UDC was a “work in process”, which it apparently still is. During the three (3) subsequent public hearings conducted utilizing the deceptive Delphi protocols the city presented their case for the UDC and the public was not even allowed any open public comments. So was it any surprise that the first public reading ignored routine acceptable parliamentary procedures opening the floor to public input without a formal motion being presented and the subsequent manner in which the proposed UDC was approved with a vote of 4-2 but only after the author, Councilwoman Diamond presented a massive amount of amendments to her own documents? Ridiculous, that such an unprofessional document was presented to the public requiring so many corrections. The entire proceedings illustrated just how much pressure this administration & council is under by developers that want to plop a series of cluster (you know what's) throughout our city which our one time “stop the sprawl” Mayor deceptively sales as “walk-ups”. Comrade Wood should publish his own parliamentarian “Rules of Order”, however it would likely contain only one sentence: “I conduct Council meetings however it pleases me and council dare not try to do otherwise!” Lee Fleck


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