Roswell Donates Fire Truck to NY City

The city of Island Park, NY was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, losing all of their fire equipment as well as their fire station.

The village of Island Park, NY has one fire truck, which is one more than it had yesterday, thanks to the city of Roswell.

Roswell City Council voted unanimously to donate a 1991 Sutphen fire engine and a surplus PPV gas fan to the village of Island Park, which lost its fire station and all of its fire equipment in Hurricane Sandy just over two weeks ago.

When in possession of surplus equipment, Roswell traditionally follows a policy to sell through a competitive bidding process. However, because of the tragic circumstances in Island Park, the city will forgo monetary compensation and donate instead. The effort was coordinated by the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund, named after a firefighter who lost his life in the attack on the World Trade Centers during 2001. Island Park firefighters will transport the truck to the New York village.

The small village, which is situated on the southern end of Long Island, is also responsible for responding to calls in the Barnum Island and Harbor Isle fire districts, according to the Wikipedia page.

A report by wsbtv.com says Roswell is the first city in Georgia to respond to the call for help in such a big way.

Paul November 19, 2012 at 02:17 PM
I just saw this article on FaceBook. This is something that should have been paid for with donations, not with tax dollars. I’m pretty sure that Mayor Wood and all of the city council members belong to Roswell Rotary. Isn’t it the mission of Roswell Rotary to do fund raising projects for things like this? That group is huge. The city keeps saying that the fire truck wasn’t worth very much. If that’s true, then it seems like this is something that they could have passed the hat for during one of those Rotary meetings. There’s probably a Rotary group in Park Island or NYC too. There is usually one in every city. If Roswell Rotary had purchased the fire truck from the city of Roswell, then they could have given it to the Rotary group in Park Island (or where ever it is up there) and then that Rotary group could have presented the fire truck to the Park Island FD. Mayor and council could have led the effort, people could have pitched in voluntarily and everyone would be happy. Most importantly, the Mayor and council would still get their picture in the paper. I just don’t understand why city council didn’t put out a call for donations on this one. There are a lot of ways this could have been done without using tax dollars. Paul
Lisa Pardo November 20, 2012 at 11:51 AM
Good morning! Thank you to Roswell! I live on Long Island but was born and raised in Island Park. My family is still there, however, and the town is literally destroyed. It's a coincidence that I live in NY, but my boss lives in Roswell and I work for a company based out of Atlanta, WordzXpressed. Darius Rucker has a Toys for Tots contest where the town with the most votes gets $10,000 worth of toys delivered for the holidays. I started it for Island Park. The children lost EVERYTHING. I wonder if you would consider clicking on the link and putting in the zip-code 11558 for Island Park. We are currently in second place but have a long way to go! Thank you Roswell for your generous donation! http://eventful.com/competitions/dariusrucker2012
Howard B. November 22, 2012 at 05:53 AM
Something doesn’t add up here. Call me skeptical, but I’ve lived in Roswell long enough to know that we usually only get half of the story and we’ve got to dig for the rest. If the previous Island Park fire truck was destroyed, shouldn’t insurance cover this loss? Surely the previous Island Park fire truck was insured? I’ve read several articles now on this fire truck and none of the articles explain exactly what happened to the previous fire truck, whether or not the fire truck was insured, if insurance will cover the loss, etc….Everyone is so caught up celebrating the “generosity of Roswell City Council” that I’m very concerned that nobody bothered to ask some very practical questions. Did Roswell City Council even bother to ask about the insurance coverage on the old Island Park fire truck?
Howard B. November 22, 2012 at 05:54 AM
So, I have few questions: 1. Was the old Island Park Fire Truck insured? (surely it was) 2. How much of the loss will be covered by insurance? 3. If the old fire truck was insured, will the Island Park Fire Department file a claim with the insurance company now that the city of Roswell is giving them a replacement fire truck? 4. Will the insurance coverage on the destroyed fire truck be used to cover any of the losses to the citizens of Roswell for donating a replacement fire truck?
Howard B. November 22, 2012 at 05:55 AM
I’ve seen several members of the Island Park fire department comment on this article and I know that the city of Roswell monitors these posts. Since the citizens of Roswell “chipped in” to pay for the fire truck, can one or more of the following people please “pitch in” to answer the questions that I asked above? Anthony D'Esposito, 1st Assistant Chief Island Park Fire Department Julie Brechbill, City of Roswell Public Relations Roswell Mayor Jere Wood Roswell City Councilman, Kent Igleheart Roswell City Councilman, Jerry Orlans Roswell City Councilman, Rich Dippolito Roswell City Councilwoman, Betty Price Roswell City Councilwoman, Nancy Diamond Roswell City Councilwoman, Becky Wynn Everyone here is full of opinions; I just want the facts. If you don’t have the facts, then please don’t waste my time with your opinion. Somebody has the answers to these questions and it sure would be nice if the citizens of Roswell could get the full story for a change! If we don’t get a straight answer, I’m going to start calling reporters and filing open records requests with both cities. Howard


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