Roswell DOT to Hold Public Meetings

Details of the Big Creek Parkway and East Roswell Park connectivity projects will be available for public review next week.

A map of planning and design work for the proposed Big Creek Parkway. Graphic: Roswell DOT
A map of planning and design work for the proposed Big Creek Parkway. Graphic: Roswell DOT
Last month we told you about a public meeting on the revised Big Creek Parkway project that's taking place next Tuesday, Jan. 21. 

That's slated from 5-7 p.m. at Mimosa Elementary School, 1550 Warsaw Road.

That's one of two public meetings that the Roswell Department of Transportation is holding next week. 

The other takes place two days later, on Thursday, Jan. 23, on the East Roswell Park connectivity project. 

That meeting is slated from 5:30-7 p.m. at the East Roswell Park recreation center multi-purpose room, 9000 Fouts Road. 

Officials from Roswell DOT will be on hand to explain the projects and answer questions from citizens at both meetings.

Big Creek Parkway would be a new roadway, from Warsaw Road just north of Holcomb Bridge Road, and extending east across 400 between the Holcomb Bridge Road and Mansell Road interchanges.

The new road would then connect to the existing intersection of Old Alabama Road and Holcomb Woods Parkway and end at Holcomb Bridge Road and would include a sidewalk and bicycle path.

Here's more on the Big Creek Parkway project; Tuesday's meeting will present for the first time the particular alignment (location of the proposed road) approved as the Local Preferred Alternative by the Mayor and City Council in June.

Information from the Big Creek meeting will be added at the above link.

The East Roswell Park connectivity project will provide alternate vehicular connectivity between Eves Road and East Roswell Park. A design has been developed for proposed connectivity improvements.

The concept is 18 feet wide and approximately 600 feet long and will be on display at the meeting. This proposal was also shown during the two (2) Eves Road Complete Street stakeholder and public input meetings in May 2012. Further input from the public is needed to make final design decisions.

The proposed concept and comment cards will be available to view at Roswell Department of Transportation, Suite 235, City Hall, 38 Hill Street, or at the above link. 

Cleon January 14, 2014 at 03:06 PM
I went to a couple of these meetings, as I live on Old Holcomb Bridge and I'm really looking forward to this project. However...every time I ask about a timeframe, it's always "6-8 years" before any actual work begins. I'm starting to wonder if any of these projects will ever happen.
Frank Anastasia January 14, 2014 at 03:36 PM
Remember, when dealing with government work, they work at a snails pace, why? No accountability. If these jokers worked in the private sector the way they work with our tax dollars, they would be fired.
Jon Doe January 14, 2014 at 03:52 PM
Fire them next time they are up for a vote. The Holcomb Bridge off ramp at 400 coming South is horrendous. Work can't wait here. Part of the grass and shoulder has slowly but surely become a makeshift lane thats funneled by only 1 exit lane. Horrible, its the only exit in North Fulton that looks DUMPY!
Lee Fleck January 15, 2014 at 02:04 PM
The Big Creek has been long overdue & I have supported it for years. Rest assured that without the Big Creek Parkway residents will have no way to move around the city north of H Bridge once the developers develop the H... E... double sticks out of the City with the forthcoming passage of the UDC. At that time the difference between Roswell under the UDC and a light bulb is that the latter can be unscrewed.


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