Roswell Introduces Bicycle Directional Signage

Roswell announces a new pilot project to improve way finding for bicyclists.

The Home Owners Association (HOA) of Barrington Farms asked the city of Roswell to assist bicyclists who frequently became disoriented on their way to the Roswell/Alpharetta Greenway entrance because of the complicated street network. 

staff developed an idea to replace the old six-inch street name signs with new nine-inch signs, which will have a way-finding feature. The feature consists of a bicycle symbol and arrow on a yellow background. The arrow will assist cyclists in finding their way through the subdivision to Roswell's entrance to the Greenway Trail System on Cranberry Place. To date, the signs have been replaced at three out of eight intersections.

The new system helps cyclists navigate through the subdivision without adding any additional signs, something that the HOA preferred.

For more information regarding Roswell Transportation projects, please visit the city's Cone Zone website.  


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