Roswell's Post 3 Candidates Give 'Closing Statements'

Roswell City Council candidates Betty Price and Craig Voth share some final thoughts before voters make a decision at the polls tomorrow.

Whether you plan to be right in the thick of all the political action tomorrow, or you're still not sure which candidate you support, there are a few more hours left to decide.

To help, Roswell Patch asked all 10 Roswell City Council candidates to share a brief "closing statement" with voters. We also asked if they planned to host a campaign celebration.

Here's what they had to say:

Betty Price - Campaign Celebration: Open to the public; , 7:30 p.m.

"Election day is upon us and the yard signs will soon be removed from the landscape! I humbly ask for your vote to continue as your advocate on the city council. We all want a thriving city, highlighted by an enhanced historic district, great neighborhoods, a fabulous river and parks system. As well as, future opportunities that can be realized with good planning, economic resources and the will to critically evaluate our path at the policy level by your city council.

My guiding principles come from my faith, my family, training as a physician, common sense values, fiscal prudency, a passion for service and a sense of responsibility. Specifically, Roswell needs proven leaders to make the hard decisions while considering involved citizen input. We can protect what we hold dear, boost our economic base and collaborate to achieve a unique and special place we call home. Please contact me at BettyPrice@BettyPriceforRoswell.com"

Craig Voth

"I’m running for City Council because I love Roswell. But we face numerous challenges, most importantly protecting our quality of life - the reason we all live here.

My platform is simple: Roswell needs a sharper focus.

I will bring a sharper focus on neighborhood protection, economic development, efficient operations and effective implementation. I will bring a clearer understanding of the issues Roswell faces and an ability to work with others to get things done. My opponent has been ineffective in making any positive change a reality, even though she has been over the department that should be making this happen.

I'm also concerned where my opponent wants to take us. She is willing to swing the door open to just about anything to revitalize our city, regardless of the impact on surrounding neighbors and traffic and our future. Obviously this particular incumbent puts her interests before Roswell homeowners. Our friends and neighbors say she is not doing the job she was elected to do.

The official record of an incumbent is the best judge of their performance.  Please go online to find a sample of these 'actions' (or inactions). You will also find more information about myself, my campaign and my experience. While reviewing, please ask yourself 'who do you want voting for you the next four years?'

I need your support to protect our quality of life and preserve Roswell’s character. I need your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8."


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