Roswell to Build Sidewalk Connecting Canton Street, City Hall

The new sidewalk is one of several being built with MARTA offset funds.

Roswell City Council gave the go-ahead, Wednesday, Sept. 12, for city staff to construct sidewalks at four locations within the city, including the area where Magnolia, Canton and Alpharetta streets intersect.

Using the final MARTA Offset funds and set aside Sidewalk Connectivity funds, the city will spend $435,981.99 to hire lowest bidder Johnson Landscapes, Inc. to build sidewalks at Hembree Road - a multi-use path - Pine Grove Road, Norcross Street and finally, reconstruct two existing crosswalks at the intersection of Alpharetta Street at Magnolia Street, as well as construct a new sidewalk on the Roswell City Hall property.

The new city hall sidewalk will enable historic district shoppers and diners easier access to the city hall parking lot, said Transportation Director Steve Acenbrak.

See the attached PDF for an exact map of the new sidewalk locations.

Diane Geyer September 17, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Is Roswell still planning to build a turn around off Jones dr.? Near Conamara dr.
janet h russell September 17, 2012 at 06:11 PM
So the city decides to you use Marta Off set money to build sidewalks and a multi use path on Hembree. Of course, I have been advocating for sidewalks for almost 39 years. So the question comes to my mind is how does the city justify using Marta funds to build sidewalks that do not improve accessability and use of Marta? We have Marta stops on SR 9 between the Square and the River with no access and no shelters. But here we go again.... more money for the merchants of Canton St and the rest of us can just plain go to ...... (fill in the blank). Diane, The round about at Jones is now in the air. Since DPZ arrived on the scene with their incredible vision for the area, the city has once again wasted thousands of dollars and citizen volunteer hours at the Historic Gateway Committee work sessions (approx. 16 months) and those sessions were just window dressing with another consulting company. Do we really need a new sidewalk on City Hall property? I mean really need one? Or is it more fancy window dressing to make City officials feel good ?
John Bridges September 19, 2012 at 03:48 AM
I think that i will never see a sidewalk as lovely as a tree.


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