Roswell to Get First Flashing Yellow Arrow

It's going up this week on Holcomb Bridge Road at the intersection of Holcomb Bridge Middle School.

The Georgia Department of Transportation this week will be installing the first flashing yellow arrow signal in the city of Roswell. 

The city announced on Monday that the new signal will be installed on Holcomb Bridge Road, at the intersection with Holcomb Bridge Middle School. 

Last week, GDOT began installing flashing yellow area signals in the Perimeter Mall area

Cobb County recently installed a flashing yellow arrow signal at the intersection of Cooper Lake Road and East-West Connector, and the City of Johns Creek has several flashing yellow arrow signals along State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road.

GDOT will also be installing flashing yellow arrow signals at the Crabapple Road and Hardscrabble Road intersections in the coming months. 

The changes are a result of a national study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, which showed the new signals help prevent crashes, move more traffic through the intersection, and provide more flexibility in traffic management.

Recent changes in GDOT policy make this the preferred signal at new and updated intersections on the State Route system. 

When motorists see a yellow flashing arrow signal, they are allowed to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic. 

A steady yellow arrow means motorists approaching an intersection should prepare to stop, and those traveling through an intersection should proceed in completing the turn. 

The accompanying video from the Michigan Department of Transportation has more details and diagrams. 

Here's more from the City of Roswell. 


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