Roswell Turns Down Proposed Used Car Lot on Alpharetta Street

The Roswell City Council followed the recommendation of its Planning Commission, city staff and 2030 Comprehensive Plan in voting against a plan to put a used car lot on the old Bank of North Georgia property.

Nothing personal, but Roswell City Council doesn't want another used car lot on Alpharetta Street right now, according to their denial of a proposed lot on the former Bank of North Georgia property

The property, located at 1184 Alpharetta Street, would have required a conditional use allowance from the city to operate as a used car lot. But in its report, city staff wrote the property is currently "zoned C-3 (Commercial Highway) and has reasonable economic use under that zoning classification."

The applicant told council they had chosen the property because it seemed to fit the surrounding area and isn't far from another used car lot. But neighboring residents adamantly opposed the proposal, saying not only did they worry about the increased vehicle traffic and noise at all hours, they also worried about the impact on the environment and how the lot would fit into the 2030 plan.

"It adds to the blight we already have in this area," said one resident of Prospect Street, which runs along the back side of the property.

City staff seemed to agree in their report, which reiterated the 2030 plan by stating, new development will follow the vision for "a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly corridor and activity center."

The Planning Commission had also recommended denial during its Sept. 18 meeting. The proposal was denied by city council, 5-0. Councilwoman Becky Wynn was absent from the meeting.


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