Roswell Voters Most Motivated by Presidential Race

Many voters told Roswell Patch they were drawn to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6 because of the presidential race.

A steady stream of voters entered Roswell Area Park's Bill Johnson Community Activities Building around lunchtime on Tuesday, Nov. 6 - many with one thing on their mind: voting for Mitt Romney.

"I came to vote in the presidential race," said a voter who only gave his first name as Ted. "I think it probably has the most bearing on our economic future."

Similarly, Brenda and Charles Tootle were focused on voting President Barack Obama out of the White House.

"We must change the direction our country is headed in or our children and grandchildren will not have a country," Charles said.

Ellen Walsh echoed the sentiment, "I think we need a change so badly."

Going a step further, Alice Stevens said bluntly, "I want Romney to be President. I think Obama is dangerous. He's like Voldemort from the Harry Potter series."

Poll Manager Frank Padula said 1,173 voters had been through by noon.

"This is as slow as it's been all day," he said, referring to the quickly funneled stream of people filling out identification cards, being processed by poll workers and standing at electronic ballot booths.

Earlier in the morning Padula said the lines had stretched all the way into a second gym, which had served as a holding area. He couldn't speculate on whether the crowds would return again, but said that by mid-day on election day he did see some similarities to the 2008 election.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. Click here to find your polling place.


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