Water Tank to Go Up Between Dobbs Road, Waller Park

The least intrusive location option was chosen for Roswell's new water plant raw water storage tank.

Roswell City Council finalized the site location for the city's new raw water tank to a space behind Waller Park recreation facility buildings and partially within the current Water Resources Division property on Dobbs Road - the least visible of all the options considered.

The modified location, dubbed Option 1.5, was the most favored by the community, despite its more expensive price tag in comparision to Option 2.

"The headlines for us likely look like we've spent more here, but the reality is, longterm, I don't think that there's any question that this is in the best interest of our parks, our neighborhoods and our value," said Councilwoman Nancy Diamond.

Having narrowed down the options to just two by the time council met Monday evening, with the help of consultants, city staff had figured out a way to avoid an option that would have required a parks maintenance facility move to Hembree Park.

The reworked Option 1 (called Option 1.5 by council and residents) will cost between $666,480 -$790,400 - an averaged difference of $152,000 over the Option 2 price range of $532,000-$620,000.

Council members thanked community members who were very active in helping the city choose the best location for the tank, as it pertained to its effect on local neighborhoods and the park.

"It’s easy to complain, but it’s also easy to compliment," said Councilwoman Becky Wynn, in thanking residents for coming out to support the option they favored.

Lee Fleck February 26, 2013 at 09:26 PM
In less than 3 years the cost for the unnecessary plant has already increased by $4 million to a total debt of over $20 million for 5,700 homeowners - ludicrous!
Lee Fleck February 27, 2013 at 01:05 PM
In July of 2010 the firm that was hired by the city to analyze their customers water needs projected a cost $13 million to build a new 3MGD plant. The long-term costs for the new plant over the life of the loan were projected to be $31 million. By the time the loan was approved by city council last year the cost to build the proposed plant was up to over $16 million. A couple weeks ago the city put a water well on line - cost $340,000 to provide a mere 5% of the city’s water needs. The ROI on this well exceeds 15 years. And now another $700,000 for the placement of an in feed raw water tank. The need for this tank was in the original proposal in 2010. Were they going to suspend it in mid-air? Certainly not. This is nothing more than additional cost increase. All these additional costs have resulted in this entire water plant project exceeding the city's minimum fiscal capacity ratio, which was the basis the city council used to approve the project originally. The city can no longer justify this new plant using their own financial standards. And the most pathetic part of the entire project to date is that the City hasn't even completed a realistic rate analysis so their customers know how high their water rates will escalate.
Pat February 27, 2013 at 05:53 PM
The Imperial Council Has Spoken. The chamber has already decided that the city will remain in the water business, regardless the cost. Nancy Diamond, again espousing her tax-to-the-max policy says go with the most expensive alternative, instead of sticking a fork in this pig. As for higher taxes, she seems to be saying, "let them eat cake." A total lack of common (or any other) sense, continues to earn this Imperium the title of worst council in North Fulton, and arguably the worst in the state.
janet h russell February 27, 2013 at 09:31 PM
I have been opposed for the last few years to the City of Roswell staying in the water business. The projected cost 5 years ago was 8million dollars and now it exceeds 17million dollars. I am one of the City's water customers...one of the elite 20% who will get to pay this bill. I don't have a choice in who provides my water, nor was I given a choice if I wanted the city to build this on my dollars. What started as a cost of $1.00 per month additional, went to $2 and finally Mr. Moring announced in the Neighbor News that no one knows how much it will cost the customer. I don't buy a can of green beans at the grocery store without knowing how much they cost, why would city council assume that I want to be part of a 17million dollar project without knowing how much it will cost me and my neighbors? All I can say is shame on each council member, the mayor and the city administrator. It seems to me that an ego has been pushing this project rather than looking for the common good. If Fulton County water is good enough for over 350,000 people in N. Fulton, why isn't it good enough for the 12,000 Roswell residents who live in the central (original part ) of the city? Too many never answered questions for me. And as I have said before with this council and its non answers- if they told me the sky was up I don't believe them anymore.Sad after 40 years (in March) of participating in my cities government and decisions.
Lee Fleck February 28, 2013 at 01:06 PM
If the cost were only $17 million. Over the recent past the council & the city administration has pursued a policy of increasing city assets with little or no concern for the long term costs to operate or maintain these assets. The several million dollar cost to install synthetic turf fields which only have a life expectancy of 10 years is a perfect example of an ongoing expense property owners will be required to fund forever. The costs for the operation and upkeep of a senior therapeutic pool for which the city has absolutely no true handle on, is projected to be over $300,000 annually. Again to be paid for by property owners. Just this past Monday the Roswell Finance Director, Keith Lee presented to the City Council with a five year millage rate projection containing the reality that a property tax increase will have to be advertised this coming June, only to be followed by another massive increase in FY 2016. So as for the water plant debacle, the consultants projected in 2010 that the operational costs for the proposed water plant over the life of the loan will be in excess of $31 million for the 12,000 citizens who get their water from the city. I am certain the city knows what rate structure necessary to pay these costs but they continue to refuse to inform their customers. I am sorry to say but this council will not react unless an injured party steps forward and files a temporary restraining order and forces the city to come clean.


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