Your Views: Your Top Priorities for Potential Bond Referendum

We asked, Roswell Patch readers answered. Monday we asked you about your thoughts on November's bond referendum. Here's a sampling of your responses.

From the ambitious to the readily achievable, from upscale aspirations to the socially conscious, Roswell residents always offer some interesting and sometimes controversial ideas. Here's what you said

Do you support the bond referendum proposed by the city of Roswell? Why or why not?

  • Yes; need turf fields.
  • No bond referendum until economy improves.
  • No
  • Yes, need road improvements done.
  • Yes, if money is used on things that are NEEDED. - TD
  • No. Taxes will go through the roof!!

Which projects received the highest support by Roswell residents who took the survey? (Editor's note: Only projects, which recieved multiple affirmative responses are recorded below.)

  1. Holcomb Bridge Road at 400 Improvements
  2. Sun Valley-Old Ellis Connector
  3. Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail
  4. Eves Road Multi-Use Path
  5. Riverwalk Phase V

Which, if any, of the projects above is your favorite? Why?

  • Synthetic turf fields - high priority.
  • Complete streets.
  • Holcomb Bridge Project, need to do something to improve traffic flow.
  • Holcomb Bridge Road/Ga. 400 - the traffic is a nightmare and it is a very "un-pretty" entrance way to our great city. - TD
  • Holcomb Bridge/400

Which, if any, of the projects above is your least favorite? Why?

  • All else. - TD
  • Performing Arts Enhancements.
  • Performing Arts Enhancements - not needed.

Do you agree or disagree with these answers? Have more to say? Tell us in the comments below!

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