Has Roswell Declared War on Waller Park?

Town Hall Meeting Reveals Plans for Waller Park

The communities around Waller Park are under attack by Roswell City Council and the Roswell city water plant is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last Tuesday, Councilman Kent Igleheart appeared before a room filled with concerned and angry citizens. Councilman Igleheart who is the liaison to the Department of Public Works, was held accountable for his recent decision to lead the motion to approve the Roswell City Water Plant and the construction of a 55 foot tall water tank in the middle of our beloved Waller Park.

Organized by Seth Freedman and held at the Roswell VFW hall, the meeting featured a one hour presentation on multiple projects that will directly impact Waller Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. At the conclusion of the presentation, Councilman Igleheart was allowed to take questions from the audience and answer for his role in the decision.
Has Roswell City Council Declared War on the Neighbors of Waller Park?

It would seem so.  

Neighbors of Waller Park were outraged to learn that the Roswell city water plant is just the beginning of a series of projects that will negatively impact Waller Park and surrounding property values forever.  

In addition to the Water Plant, plans are currently underway to construct a road through Waller Park and convert the VFW property into low-income housing.

Town Hall Meeting Reveals Plans for Waller Park

1.)  Plans are underway to construct a 55 foot tall, 10 million gallon water tank in the middle of Waller Park.

  • The water tank will be five stories tall with a foot print the size of a softball field.
  • It will be visible from neighboring communities and have an immediate and negative impact on private property values.
  • Councilman Kent Igleheart publicly admitted that Roswell should pursue purchasing less expensive water from Fulton County which would eliminate the need for the new water plant and the gigantic water tank in the middle of Waller Park. 
  • If Councilman Igleheart did not believe in the Roswell water plant, then why did he lead the motion to approve it?

2.)  The Roswell Housing Authority (RHA) has acquired the Roswell VFW Post 7583 property and building which is located adjacent to Waller Park. RHA plans to convert the VFW property and portions of Waller Park to low-income housing.

  • Under threat of eminent domain, Bill Miitiu, who is a wounded Iraq War Veteran and Commander of the Roswell VFW, was pressured to sell the VFW property to the Roswell Housing Authority for pennies on the dollar.
  • The RHA is governed by a six member Board of Commissioners appointed to three year terms by the Mayor of Roswell, Jere Wood.
  • As part of the redevelopment of the Waller Park area, the Roswell Housing Authority will receive tax-payer funding to construct low-income housing throughout the Waller Park area.

3.)  The city of Roswell no longer recognizes veterans day as a legal holiday.

  • Bill Mitiu, commander of the VFW was issued a citation by the city of Roswell for holding a public celebration on a non-legal holiday.
  • Councilman Igleheart publicly scoffed at Commander Mitiu when confronted with the facts about the citation and the Roswell Ordinance, which according to Commander Mitiu, does not recognize Veterans Day as a legal holiday.

4.)  Plans are underway to construct a road through Waller Park to connect Grimes Bridge Road to Alpharetta Highway

  • The road through Waller Park has been advertised in stealth as the “Dobbs Drive Extension” and the “Oak Street Extension.” 
  • According to the Roswell Transportation Master Plan, when completed, the road will “serve as a seamless connection between Grimes Bridge Rd and Alpharetta Hwy."
  • Isn't this need already filled with Oxbo Road?
  • This road will increase traffic through the area and have a negative impact on the noise, polution and private property values that surround the area.

Councilman Igleheart and Roswell City Council have declared war on Waller Park, the VFW Post 7583 and the surrounding neighborhoods. It is time for the citizens of Roswell to stand together and demand for these reckless decisions be overturned by Roswell City Council.

But the task won’t be easy.  That’s why I’m asking you to sign the Petition to Save Waller Park.

Roswell City Council needs to hear your voice! Please sign the petition to Save Waller Park. 

If you would like to view the entire townhall meeting, RFFR has uploaded our video to YouTube.  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 (The videos are also attached to this blog.)

Tom Cork
Roswell for Fiscal Responsibility, LLC
404-586-4815 (Call/Text) 

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janet h russell December 13, 2012 at 06:16 PM
It was an interesting meeting. Mr. Igleheart was the only council member who attended this meeting, though all were invited. The impact on Waller Park is going to happen because the City of Roswell decided some years ago that 20% of the addresses in Roswell who receive their water from the City should pay for a new water treatment plant at a cost of 16.2 million dollars. And while the benefits of maintaining a City run plant are for the entire city (according to the Mayor, Dir. of Public works and others on Council), only 20% of the people get the bill. This additional bond was NOT put on the ballot because the City knew that if they put 2 bonds on the ballot right under each other for 14 million and 16.2 million, the residents might add them up and realize that they would be in debt for over 30 million dollars. So the council (as was predicted last year by Lee Fleck) made it a water bond revenue and no public vote was needed. Had the citizens who have been hit with this tax (call it what ever you want) fought hard , the issues of Waller Park, the road and the low income housing would not be on the table right now. Government of the people for the people by the people who show up. Time to have a recall of every council member .
Lee Fleck December 14, 2012 at 04:14 AM
Janet, Thank you for recognizing that prior to the last election, in November 2011, that one of my campaign platform issues did focus on this new water plant. As I stated back then the City Council would make a unilateral decision to build this new facility ignoring the concerns of the citizens who receive their water from the City of Roswell. That reality and more has come to pass. And while attention is now focused on the impact of this project on Waller Park, those same citizens can rest assured that the Wood Administration has been deceiving them relative to the long-term financial costs THEY AND THEY ALONE will be required to fpay for within Roswell’s Water Enterprise Fund. http://roswell.patch.com/blog_posts/water-plant-16-million-loan-request-approved-in-stealth
Morris Devereaux March 17, 2013 at 02:58 PM
I think it should also be pointed out that Fulton County has recently completed the Johns Creek Environmental Campus (JCEC) at 8100 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30022. Due to the state of the art design of this new facility, it was more economically feasible to make it extremely high capacity rather than just large enough to serve projected needs. As a result, it is currently running at about 15% capacity and Fulton County is looking to Gwinnett and Forsyth to sell surplus water. This new facility has the capacity to sell Roswell all the water it needs at a fraction of the cost of the new Roswell City Water Plant. JOHNS CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPUS (JCEC) The Johns Creek Environmental Campus (JCEC) is located at 8100 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30022. The JCEC has flexibility in being able to treat wastewater using chemicals in combination with biological processes. The state-of-the-art Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology used here provides a high level of treatment. For more information on the facility, please visit the JCEC website at: http://www.fultonec.com/


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