Budget Cuts at Georgia Perimeter's North Fulton Campus

Staff furloughs, lab construction delay were required in the fallout from overspending at the college.

had to cut 10 staff from its North Fulton campus in Alpharetta and use $1 million intended for wet labs to help cut its budget deficit.

Robb Watts, the college's president, told staff in May 2012 that the college had a $16 million deficit. It turned out the budget problems were worse than that. The AJC reported earlier this month that the college had cut $25 million from its budget, but learned it had to cut another $1.6 million.

“I do not have all of the answers today about what happened, nor do I know all the steps we will take to fix things,” he said in May.

But steps have been taken in the months that have followed, including some that affect the 1,685 students taking classes in Alpharetta as of today, Aug. 29. Watts did promise just nine days after being named interim president that no campuses would close.

"We are delaying the creation of a wet lab at Alpharetta. We had been allocated $1 million by the BOR to construct the wet labs in fy13, but had to put the funds toward the budget deficit. Students are currently taking lab classes at Dunwoody Campus and will continue to do so," said Beverly James, assistant director of media relations.

No courses or programs have been cut or moved from the Alpharetta campus.

"We offer all regular classes that are offered at other campuses, except for labs," James said.

However, 10 staff members were cut from the local campus.


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