Centennial High Club to Dedicate Outdoor Classroom

The new outdoor classroom at Centennial High School is the latest project from the school's environmental club.

In the little over five years the Environmental Club at Centennial High School has been established, committed students have accomplished a great deal in a significant ways for the community, including the creation of an outdoor classroom at their school.

"These students set a great example," sadi Julie Burroughs, the clubs sponsor and a mathematics teacher at Centennial High. "They have benefitted our school in many ways while engaging with community non-profit partners and corporations as well as with with all levels of government in supporting and modeling initiatives where ‘stewardship’ means taking 'action.'"

An event in the Rock Garden at Centennial on Wednesday to dedicate the recently completed outdoor classroom will be a culmination of many hours of work by both the students and their mentors.  

"We are celebrating our National Wildlife Habitat Certification and the completion of our new outdoor classroom," said Burroughs. "We will recognize and show our appreciation to Michael Joseph of Mosaic Group Atlanta, Samantha Frost of Burton Energy Group and Danny Hardin of Home Depot. The pergola will be dedicated to honor Anne Kennedy, a North Fulton Master Gardener, and Cindy Eade, with Keep North Fulton Beautiful who have both been extraordinary volunteers over the years in mentoring our students and assisting with these projects."

In addition to the outdoor classroom they've built, since the club began in 2007 they've also completed 22 Chattahoochee River cleanups, 14,100 gallons paint recycled, 55,000 pounds of paper recycled during the End-of–Year Locker Clean Out, recycling in every classroom daily, and 1,350 students taken on an eco tour of 22 foot "Earth Balloon."

The outdoor classroom dedication will take place in the school's Rock Garden on Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 4 p.m.-5 p.m. For more information contact Julie Burroughs, Centennial High School Mathematics Teacher and Environmental Club Sponsor at burroughs@fultonschools.org or 770-313-1317.


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