Centennial Teacher Gets Special Appreciation Day

Fulton County Commission recently recognized Julie Burroughs for her environmental work with students.

“Julie Burroughs Appreciation Day” was declared October 24, 2012 by the Fulton County Commission recently.

Burroughs’ work at Centennial High School with the school’s Environmental Club and her efforts to increase environmental awareness among students and staff was behind the proclamation, which praises Burroughs’ leadership in creating the school’s new outdoor classroom. The classroom resulted in a National Wildlife Habitat Certification.

The classroom was dedicated on Oct. 24 with a host of local dignitaries in attendance, including Roswell City Council members Betty Price and Becky Wynn, Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann, Community Outreach Director Linda Johnson, Fulton County School Board Chairman Linda Schultz, and Centennial’s PTSA co-chair Rebekah Lignugaris.

In addition to praising Burroughs’ leadership, the proclamation cites the volume of recyclable products the Centennial Environmental Club has collected over the past five years:

  • ·         13,000 plastic bottles collected (4,000 last year)
  • ·         55,000 pounds of paper (18,500 last year)
  • ·         14,000 cans of paint (7,000 last year)

The proclamation also cites Burroughs’ participation in the annual “Bring One for the Chipper” program and many clean-ups of the Chattahoochee River.

The outdoor classroom itself is on a picturesque site near the front of the school with habitat-friendly plantings, a pergola, and picnic-style tables for classroom activities.


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