Crabapple Middle Principal Eases Worried Parents

Dr. Nathan Buhl, the principal at Crabapple Middle School, sent out a letter to parents today regarding a recent social media incident involving students.

In regards to a Facebook hacking and posted threats involving Crabapple Middle School students, the school's principal, Dr. Nathan Buhl, urged parents not to be alarmed. But he did ask them to be aware of their child's Internet activity, in a letter sent out today.

"Please know that nothing has occured at our school and that instruction was not disrupted in any way," he began the letter.

Buhl was referring to an in which a student's Facebook account was allegedly hacked before the same account posted threats against other students.

Still, the school system worked with Roswell Police to interview the student whose account it was, "but found no credible evidence to support the threats," according to Buhl.

He used the incident as a wakeup call for parents.

"This situation serves as a reminder of the power of social media sites such as Facebook," Buhl wrote. "Parents, please make sure that you know which sites your children are accessing on the Internet and that you are aware of their social media activity. Our middle schoolers are growing up, but they still need our guidance and supervision."

The  is still investigating the matter.

On Tuesday, police Spokesman James McGee told Roswell Patch, "We are still investigating and will be consulting with the school officials and the school resource officer."


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