Fellowship Students Create California Connection

After winning a local competition, Fellowship students moved on to the Robotics World Championships in California recently.

After winning a local competition, the middle school robotics team competed on a larger scale recently, finishing 25 out of 150 middle school teams during the VEX Robotics World Championships held in Anaheim, Ca.

“We competed very well both locally and in California,” said Tammy Williamson, Fellowship Middle School science teacher and robotics club advisor, “Our team won the Excellence Award during the local competition – a great feat in itself – qualifying our team to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championships. We are so proud of our team to accomplish this within the first year of our Robotics program.”

The Fellowship team won six of 10 matches during the 2012 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship at the Anaheim Convention Center. They faced stiff competition from international teams.

“Winning the Excellence Award speaks to the well-roundedness of our students,” Williamson said. “Attributes such as understanding concepts and how they treat one another as well as how they treat other teams are considerations. In fact, it was these attributes that enabled them to overcome competition – which was definitely higher than anything we have seen locally. They pulled together and worked hard to adjust their strategy under the pressure of competition and in between matches. It was amazing to watch.”

2012 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship was held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Robotics fits naturally at Fellowship, a covenant Christian school committed to providing an excellent, biblically based educational experience. Through robotics, our students are challenged both intellectually and socially.

“Robotics offers our students a fantastic way to make classroom learning tangible,” said Williamson. “Students apply aspects of math, science, and technology in a way that they touch, transforming learning into practical application. Our students benefit through this fun and engaging program in ways that help them find and sharpen their God-given talents and skills.”

Fellowship Christian School serves students from K4 through 12th grade and is located in Roswell at 10965 Woodstock Road. For more information about the school call the admissions office at 770-641-6816 to schedule a visit.


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