Full-Time Fulton Classroom Teachers Getting $1,000 Extra

The School Board voted to spend a $9.4 million surplus on its employees instead of putting the money aside for a rainy day.

If the teachers and staff at your kid's school seem a little happier today, it's probably not just because today is Friday. Each one of them–even some part-time staff–are just learning that they will get as much as $1,000 more in their next paycheck.

The Fulton County School Board was told by staff that budget cutting measures left the school system with $9.4 million "extra." That money could have been added to the fund reserve, but instead the money is being given to employees.

Full-time classroom teachers get the biggest one-time boost in pay, but even part-time staff who started even a few days before Dec. 1, 2011 will get at least $250.

  • $1,000–Full-time classroom teachers
  • $500–Support staff (central office, school support staff, and non-classroom teachers)
  • $250-$990–Part-time employees (amount depdenent on their job role and employment status)

“We value the contribution that every employee makes to our system, so everyone is included in this plan," said Superintendent Robert Avossa. "But few would argue about the impact that classroom teachers have on student achievement. They contribute more to the success of individual students and for that reason they are receiving the lion’s share.”

So while it's not enough to buy a car or a house, every employee will likely be glad to see a bigger check, even if it is just this once.


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