Fulton Science Academy Claims Inaccuracies in Audit

The Fulton charter school issued a press release that promises a full response after its governing board has time to study the document.

's principal, Kenan Sener, issued a press release on behalf of the school saying a recent audit by the Fulton School System was full of inaccuracies.

Click here for Fulton County School's full audit and financial report.

"Needless to say, FSA is distressed by the School System’s consultant’s incomplete and inaccurate report. We do intend to provide a more formal response to the School System, after we have had a chance to review and analyze the report in more detail," the release states.

"We intend to provide a more formal response to the School System on the major issues in the near future," the release also states.

The school is now working on converting to a private, preK-8th grade school once its charter expires June 30, 2012.


Govwatchdog June 07, 2012 at 04:34 PM
AJC reports "Susan Hale, a Fulton school district spokeswoman, said the system conducted the $39,000 audit because the academy is going from a public charter school to a private school. Hale said the audit's findings have nothing to do with the ethnicity of FSA's staff." hahahahahaha..they keep telling stories..first they said "Audit was a pilot program for Charter schools and FSA was selected for this pilot program" and this audit started about 5 months ago! where FSA had no idea about going private....Dr.Avossa your team is not a good story teller..they make too many mistakes! such as releasing the student names to media. Your stories will catch up with you soon or later.
Angela Lassetter June 08, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Its kind of hard for the Hale to make the claim that the reason for the audit was because FSA was going Private considering the audit started February 8th and FSA did not announce it was going private until late May. Also, Hale has stated to the media that FSA had plenty of time to respond to the media. That is not possible when FCSS circulated the factually inaccurate report to the media a full day before they gave it to FSA. It's sad that Fulton County's own lawyers can't get their facts straight. They also know for a FACT that no conflict of intetest exists or has ever existed between FSA and Grace Institute....How can they let their client, FCSS, issue a report or make statements that insinuates the opposite? This is just wrong that FCSS continually is allowed to mislead the public!!!!!!
MarkMunoz June 09, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Angela; If you and your Hizmet friends are dissatisfied and believe that the County and State BOE lied, that the IAG forensics accounting team was inaccurate, that Bank of America has a conspiracy against you or that NY Times reported inaccurately about your links to all the Gulen front groups. Maybe you should consult with F. Gulen himself as your precious Fulton Science Academy was mentioned on his website about your protests on the audit...still think there is no link between the gulen schools and FSA? Angela, you have some serious denial issues. http://www.fethullahgulen.org/press-room/news/4191-todays-zaman-us-charter-school-dismisses-audits-claims-of-financial-wrongdoing.html If there is no connection why would Fulton Science Academy be mentioned on Fethullah Gulen's web site? Stop with the lies and excuses, YOU NO LONGER HAVE A PUBLIC SCHOOL / CHARTER. You should be spending your time re marketing the school and re naming it for opening as a private school. What you are doing is drawing more attention to your dishonesty and lack of transparency. No one cares about the "so - called" exemplary education that your school professes to give. This "blue ribbon" is a crock and you know it. Another Gulen operated charter School Gateway Science Academy tried to make the same claim. Seriously, move on you are not looking so credible. Fulton Science Academy will be a thing of the past in another month. (yawn)
MarkMunoz June 09, 2012 at 11:16 AM
Govwatchdog; Which government you a watchdog for? America or ? The only mistakes is the ones FSA has made and continues to make with all of these nonsense posts. You are accusatory yet your points are flimsy and unsubstaniated. You should be more specific and have back up support instead of talking in generic terms. YOUR SCHOOL IS CLOSED MOVE ON. If you must release a statement, don't waste anyone's time with your petty defenses unless you have some real supportive data, your arguments are very weak and only show they you are grasping to hold onto something that you cannot possibly do. If you really feel you have a case, why don't you get your lawyer to file a lawsuit and see how far it gets. That is if you can REALLY prove that all of the information about your school, grace institute, Gulen links, financial mismanagement is not true. Otherwise move on, and become a watchdog at "another" government.
MarkMunoz June 09, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Angelia, Patch, and the pseudo watch dog. Did you know that the sister schools to Fulton Science Academy in Ohio had the SAME problem? They found almost $13,000 in immigration fees paid for by American tax payers. That school Horizon Science Academys paid back the state, but there is a ton more of irregular accounting being audited. Oh, and they are a "blue ribbon" school as well (snicker giggles) at least that is what they market themsleves as. Sener et al, know these schools very well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL6boeBkwGI&feature=relmfu Unfortunately this is a pattern with the Gulenist managed and operated Charter Schools. Ms. Lassetter seems to think that is normal business practices to pay for the h1-b visas of workers and their family members. Most of us think that is theft of American tax money intended for education...not immigration.


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