Fulton Science Academy Sends Out Admission Letters

The school's charter ends this week as it shifts from a public middle school to a private Pre-K through 8th grade school charging $8,500 annual tuition.

's charter expires after Thursday, May 31, as the school continues its quest to reopen in the fall as a private school open to all Georgia students, Pre-K through 8th grade.

"In answer to the Governor's plea to have a science and math education in North Fulton County, FSA will remain open," said Tom Deeb, a school supporter.

According to Deeb, more than 130 student applications have been received since the school announced plans to go private. During the recently school year, approximately 500 students were enrolled.

The school will begin to send out acceptance letters today, March 29, which will include enrollment information. Private enrollment begins Wednesday, May 30, according to the Fulton Science Academy website. And online tuition payment should be available soon.

Tuition starts at $8,000 with another $300 in application and enrollment fees. A $500 discount is available for a family that enrolls and pays in full by June 1. The school provides a sliding scale of discounts based on how long it takes to pay tuition. To pay by month costs $800 for 10 months, June through March.

Enrolling a second child gets a discount as well, with the annual tuition $7,500 plus the same $300 in fees. But again there's a $500 discount by enrolling and paying in full by June 1.

Depending upon how many early enrollments and how may siblings apply, the tuition should bring in around $1 million annually with 130 students.

Likewise, enroll after June 1 and you'll pay another $500 per year.

"Open enrollment has begun so parents from all over Georgia are free to send their children to one of the few schools of excellence in the state," Deeb said in his email message about the school.

The school announced it is registered under Georgia GOAL Scholarship program, which allows state tax credits for scholarship donations.

The FSA Private School Financial Aid Application will be available its website soon. The financial aid requests will be determined starting in July 2012.

It also states on its website that is an AdvancED accredited school.

Anderson May 30, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Please do your homework on Fulton Science Academy. FSA was denied a charter for several reasons. The issues with FSA are not unique. Read about a similar school, Chesapeake Science Point, the story could have been written about FSA. Report: Charter High School May not be Viable: Sloppy business practices criticized as Chesapeake Charter up for renewal http://www.capitalgazette.com/news/schools/report-charter-high-school-may-not-be-viable/article_a9f1a018-39a2-535f-89c6-9ec6ee9c4c33.html And one more: Milwaukee charter school is ending its charter with Milwaukee Public Schools and will become a private school next school year with the new name Wisconsin College Preparatory Academy. http://m.jsonline.com/152292985.htm
Voter for transparency June 04, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Anderson, thank you for the links. Please look at who is supporting Rob Goodman for Fulton County School Board, District 1, i.e., his team on his website and those leaving supportive comments. They are "no questions asked" supporters of the Fulton Science Academy who fault both the Fulton County and The Georgia State Boards of Education for not falling in line with the demands of Fulton Science Academy. Can't help wondering if Goodman knows about the Gulen connection or if he's just taking the word of his supporters that it's nothing to worry about.
MarkMunoz June 10, 2012 at 07:02 PM
At this point the fact that FSA is without a doubt connected to the Gulen Network is moot. It is really about their usual financial mismanagement, lack of flexibility on school curriculum that is Turkocentric. Manpulation of local politcs and funding. Default of the $19 million loan from Wells Fargo, Manipulation of parents and community via free trips to Turkey, festivals, etc., carelessness of safety for children, wrongful marketing hype of the school with blatent lying, lack of transparency, unwillingness to admit failure, and much more. The ugly side of the Gulen Movement is about to surface, they do not like being told what to do or told "no" I would not be surprised if Sener, et al does a midnight move back to Turkey or to another country where there are Gulen operated schools. If they feel that the private school will not work, and they are getting dried up on governmental funds, they will take those deposits for the private school and flee the country. When they feel trapped, they are reactionary. Sad for the families and community that bought into the hype "Blue Ribbon" status and all. Seen this very thing happen with Horizon Science Academy - they claimed "blue ribbon status" and had to pay back $13,000 in immigration fees. Angela, Tom and the rest have been had. Hopefully they have not invested too much of their personal money for this private school. I sincerely feel for them but denialism is not smart either. They need to face the facts.
Joseph O'Reilly July 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM
I am so glad the admission process has started and the FSA will be better than ever without the restrictions and pressure from biased officials, time spent on detailed reports and unnecessary expenses. There will be more focus on education with current high quality staff that made Blue Ribbon award possible from Department of Education. Education cost is high $8000 is very low tuition that clearly shows the school is not here to make a profit instead focus on education.


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