Northwood Students Dig Into Science Day

Lots of "Wow!" experiments took place recently at a number of grade levels.

Northwood first graders study plant growth.
Northwood first graders study plant growth.
Thanks to Northwood Elementary School media specialist Cheryl Corrigan for the photos and following information about recent science activities at the Roswell school:

K-5 students at Northwood Elementary in Roswell experienced a full day of exciting science activities recently.

Teachers in each classroom kicked off the day with a “Wow!” experiment, including sucking a boiled egg into a narrow jar, making snow, and piercing a balloon without it popping.

Students then rotated through classrooms with their Science Journals completing and discussing hands-on experiments involving topics such as gravity, gases, pitch, and motion.

Fourth graders explored how to build a rocket out of a straw, paper, and a paper clip.

Fifth graders debated the best way to package a raw egg to survive the exciting egg drop later in the afternoon.

It was a memorable day of meaningful science.


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