Northwood Students Join Fight to Save Rhinos, Decrease Plastic Use

Carter and Olivia Reis have inspired local students to join the effort they began with their organization, One More Generation.

Northwood Elementary students in Roswell are joining Carter and Olivia Reis, the young founders of the One More Generation foundation, in the fight to save the black rhinos in Africa from extinction. 

Carter and Olivia recently showed students footage of how the rhinos are being killed for their tusks and explained the many ways they are spearheading efforts to stop this. One of the strategies involves writing letters to the president of South Africa to urge him to impose stiffer penalties on animal poachers. Carter and Olivia have also begun a plastics recycling campaign. 

The siblings will be back at Northwood later in the year to help the school step up its efforts to decrease plastics pollution around the world and around the community. These activities are in line with Northwood’s vision statement: “We will be a school of global thinkers who connect learning with future success.” 

Carter and Olivia are in sixth and fifth grades, respectively, and live in Fayetteville.


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