Parent Volunteering: Are We Over-Extending Ourselves?

The Roswell Patch wants to hear from you!

A recent New York Times article examined the issue of uber-involved moms who are becoming burnt out due to an over filled schedule. But is that the case in Roswell?

To much on the plate and not enough time spent with the people who mean the most to them has pushed many parents to the place where they are now resisting the urge to put their hand up every time a request is made at their school's Parent/Teacher Association meeting, according to the author, Hilary Stout. The article - called "Frazzled Moms Push Back Agains Volunteering" - delves into the idea that, because many schools are struggling in this economy, the pressure put on parents - and particularly super-moms - has reached a "fever pitch."

The article even quoted a PTA chairperson in nearby Woodstock, who said volunteer numbers there were "way down."

But it may be a bit of a mixed bag here in Roswell.

Local parent of two Roswell school children, Katha Stuart - a very involved mom and former PTA president - says she hasn't necessarily seen that reaction among local parents.

"I've heard of [the frazzled push back] being a major topic in the news right now, but most of the people I know are still pretty willing to help out," she said.

Meanwhile, Hillside Elementary School Co-PTA President, Stacy Christie, agrees with the article's portrayal of willing parent volunteers.

"We at Hillside have also noticed a decline in the number of volunteers for both PTA sponsored programs and events and the classroom," she said. "This is occurring at all grade levels, but becomes more significant in fourth and fifth grade."  

Roswell Patch would like to hear from you. Are you a "frazzled" parent who had to put a stop to volunteering - at least for now - let us know for a future article that will follow up on this subject.


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