River Eves Students Walk to School in Support of Clean Commuting

Students joined The Clean Air Campaign in support of green travel methods.

Students, teachers and administrators from donned their coats and hats to form a “walking school bus” during the early morning of March 7 in support of Clean Commute Week last week. 

The local elementary school also partnered with The Clean Air Campaign to host BAIR, the Clean Air Bear, who visited schools throughout the metro Atlanta area in support of clean commuting. Several hundred students participated in last week's Clean Commute Week by walking or riding bikes to school and many more rode the bus instead of being driven to school by parents.

“I am excited to have our school participate in this Clean Air Campaign,” said Traci Ann Newton, fourth grade teacher at River Eves who helped organize the event. “It is an exciting time at River Eves and we are proud to encourage our students to be thoughtful and aware of the environment.”

Clean Commute Week is designed to provide Georgia schools with a platform to share the benefits of commute alternatives with their school communities and highlight clean transportation, including bus riding, biking, walking, carpooling and no idling. These options help reduce smog-forming emissions that come from vehicle tailpipes. Schools can choose one or more green travel methods to promote throughout the week.

“The Clean Air Campaign is a creative way to inform students of the need to conserve energy and protect the environment,” said Neil Pinnock, principal at River Eves Elementary. “In addition, we have chosen to encourage a healthy lifestyle through walking and biking to and from school.”

Students at River Eves participated in additional conservation activities and learning throughout the week.

For more information on The Clean Air Campaign in Georgia, visit the website.


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