Roswell Educator Writes Book on Titanic for Children

Cassie Jones shares a little of why she helped write "Ahoy, Titanic! A Child’s Tour of the Great Ship" with Roswell Patch.

Just over 100 years ago, in 1912, the most famous ship to ever set sail, sank to the bottom of the ocean on its maiden voyage - and now children have the opportunity to learn all about fascinating story of the RMS Titanic, thanks to a new book written by local educators.

Cassie Jones of Roswell and Cheryl Muré of Buckhead recently wrote, "Ahoy Titanic! A Child’s Tour of the Great Ship" as a way of sharing the famed ocean liner's tragic story with children in a way that was age-appropriate. Told through the eyes of two children, the book is a fictional account of sister and brother, Willa and Sam. While the main characters themselves are fiction, the people and places within the book are based in fact, allowing parents and teachers to educate children on the Titanic's story.

“Ahoy, Titanic!, with its colorful, original illustrations, fills the need for an educational and entertaining book on this popular topic geared to both early readers who will enjoy being read to and young readers ready to read out loud on their own,” said Muré, president of TurnKey Education, Inc.

In the back of the book are mini-biographies of the passengers and crew featured in the story, as well as a diagram of the Titanic highlighting the places encountered in the book.

"We know that once you learn something about Titanic, you always want to know more," said Jones, vice president of TurnKey Education, Inc. "Ahoy, Titanic! is a special tribute to the memory of this historic event written with young children in mind."

Jones, a classroom educator with considerable knowledge of research-based curriculum development, holds a Master’s Degree concentrating on Irish History in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in history - making her uniquely qualified to research and write historical fiction.

She shares a little more on why she chose to help write the book, with Roswell Patch below:

Q: What got you interested in writing a book on the Titanic, specifically a book for children?

A: My co-author, Cheryl Muré and I met when we worked together writing curriculum and supporting educational materials for museum exhibitions, including one on Titanic. Along the way, we noticed there weren’t many books about Titanic written for younger children and emerging readers. 

Q: Have you always been interested in the stories that surround the ship?

A: Cheryl and I had spent years writing materials for children and teachers about the ship and it seemed like a natural progression to share our interest in the story with a younger age group. When we were approached with the idea of creating a new children’s book about Titanic, in time for the 100th anniversary, we jumped at the opportunity. Ahoy, Titanic!  A Child’s Tour of the Great Ship is the result.

Q: What important lessons do you hope children take from the story?

A: We wrote this book to honor the legacy of Titanic. We want the next generation of young readers to understand her story and to want to learn more about the hopes and dreams of the individual passengers and crew on board. 

To purchase a copy of the book visit the Ahoy Titanic! website, or buy it on Amazon.com.


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