Roswell High School Student Awarded Fellowship

Anand Srinivasan was awarded $10,000 as a 2012 Davidson Fellow.

Twenty-two bright young students across the nation were named 2012 Davidson Fellows, including 16-year-old .

Srinivasan strives to improve brain-computer interfaces in his technology project, "Doc Ock - Development of Novel Filtration Techniques to Facilitate Accurate Pattern Detection in EEG Signals.” His project involves research in current software-based methods of detecting patterns in electrical signals produced by the brain, which is significant in the field of brain-computer interfaces, as well as speech recognition, computer vision and data transmission. Anand is a rising junior at , and plans to major in computer science, artificial intelligence or electrical engineering in college. He hopes to pursue a career as a researcher in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and to create a computer that can mimic human learning.

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship program offers $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 college scholarships to students 18 or younger, who have created significant projects that have the potential to benefit society in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, literature, music and philosophy. The Davidson Fellows Scholarship has provided nearly $5 million in scholarship funds to 206 Fellows since its inception in 2001, and has been named one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships by U.S. News & World Report. It is a program of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Reno, Nev. that supports profoundly gifted youth.

“The Davidson Institute is built on the belief that individuals, who have extraordinary intelligence and talents, when encouraged and supported, can improve the quality of life for us all,” said Bob Davidson, co-founder of the Davidson Institute. “We are delighted to recognize a group of resourceful and distinguished young people for their fascinating projects – projects that have the potential to benefit society.”

The 2012 Davidson Fellows will be honored at a reception in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 3, 2012.

Producing highly-qualified professionals, including scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs is critical to economic development in the United States. Public discourse on our nation’s competitiveness tends to focus on the needs of low-performing students. As important to our country’s future success are the most capable of students, such as the 2012 Davidson Fellows, who are reaching high levels of academic and innovative excellence and are strong examples of what students can achieve with the proper support.


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