SchoolDude Makes Fulton School Rental Easier

The Fulton County School system has put its school rental policies, calendar and reservations online.

Want to host a sports tournament at a local school? Or how about offering some specialized classes to the community? Fulton County Schools has made the process a bit easier by moving it online for easy requesting.

Beginning this month, organizations wanting to rent and schedule the use of a particular school facility can do so through the Fulton County Schools' website. To visit the site, go to the “Quick Links” listing and then select “Facilities Rental."

According to documents on the website, the average rental takes 21 days to process. School gyms, cafeterias, kitchens, media centers, sports fields, concession stands and stadiums and other school facilities are available, plus staff in many cases.

Because schools are centrally located and well known in the community, they are often requested as locations for community-based meetings and as venues for youth sports and activities. The web-based rental program, managed through third-party application SchoolDude.com, streamlines the process for requesting use of a facility, scheduling a date, and determining applicable rental fees.

The improved process takes less staff time to operate and will be more convenient to the requesting organization, since the web site is available anytime, anywhere. The web site also is more automated by allowing the requesting organization to view a school calendar for its availability and by collecting additional usage information. Principals will review the request and grant preliminary approval, if acceptable, with final approval given by the district’s Facilities Rental office.

are collected from the requesting organizations to offset wear-and-tear for the use of athletic fields and the building facilities, payment for custodial and resource officer services, and to offset utilities costs. Information about the process is located on the Facilities Rental website accessed through the school system's website.


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