State Board Denies Fulton Science Academy Middle School Charter

Board members criticize the school's Governing Board and management over noncompliance, bond issues.

lost its appeal to the state Board of Education for a charter this morning, so the school will be closed in July.

The school's charter through Fulton County Schools expires June 30.

Angela Lasseter, a representative of the school's Governing Board asked the state board to wait 30 days to make their decision so all the information could be heard and documents read.

"It impacts so many of our parents, including me. "Hearing both sides and all of the documentation is critical to making an informed objective opinion," she said.

But the board members said Department of Education staff have been working with the school's administration for months, ever since the December 2011 charter renewal application denial by Fulton County. Another 30 days won't change the facts.

The school's governance and financial stability were called into question, particularly regarding the issuance of $19 million in bonds and the construction work on a new school campus.

State Board Member Dan Israel said even though bond documents say the state, county and city aren't liable for anything doesn't mean they can't be sued.

"It's not just looking at Fulton Science Academy in isolation. This has precedence for what we do for other charter schools that come behind," he said.

If the state board approved this charter, the next school to come before them with bonds already issued would point to Fulton Science Academy and expect its charter also to be approved, Israel said.

Board member Larry Winter said parents don't seem to understand the process.

"The Fulton Science Academy Governing Board and school management have acted during the past five months as if the state charter process is an opportunity for them to strike a deal so they can have a charter. The state charter process is instead an appeal by the school to the state," Winter said.

The school is asking the state to overturn the Fulton County School Board's charter denial because it was not properly considered. But that's not what the state found, Winter said.

"Thirty more days won't change a thing," said Board member Brian Burdette. "They had the opportunity to work with the department and that didn't happen."

Roswell Parent May 14, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I must have watched the wrong '60 Minutes' report. Unless I'm supposed to be afraid that good education is coming to America. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7408162n&tag=contentMain;cbsCarousel
tina May 14, 2012 at 09:28 PM
I didn't say the kids...Don't misconstrue my words. First of all my child attends the school and has for two years. As I mentioned in my previous post he was upset ~ don't be so simple minded. I said the children and the teacher's are being punished for the non-compliance of the executive and governing board. They were not victims, they should've been more responsible because of the children and the teachers ! What about the teacher's who trusted them to create a solid proposal that didn't have so many holes in it ? Kelly please learn how to effectively evaluate a situation before you call anyone an idiot. Name calling and insulting those who disagree with your stance is neither smart nor is it effective civic engagement. It is simple minded and immature ... this is particularly sad coming from a mother
MarkMunoz May 14, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Dear Kelly; A typical and usual method of the Gulenists is to play victim, blame others or throw the "but it's for the children" in the mix as a shield. Rather than assuming personal responsibilty, the Gulenists who operated these sham of schools push the blame on others, cut corners, cheat, hand out easy grades and contest awards, etc., They then jump into their media frenzy and publicize the school(s) as something that they are not. These are hardly character traits and values that American children should be learning. They don't feel they need anyone's permission to fulfill the end result of their Hocaefendi. They care less about you or your children in America, they are just part of the tools for that end result of absolute power. In fact, the Gulenists (mostly men as it is a male centered organization/cult) have a sense of entitlement in every country they spread their roots into, they believe they have every right to your tax money, your politics, your media, your children, etc., The funny thing is Turkey's education is below standard in international rankings. They have been given the rope let them hang themselves with their indignent attitude and sense of entitlement.
MarkMunoz May 14, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Adam or is it Ahmet? Do you want education free from Politics or free from scrutiny and audits. Do Charter schools (publicly funded yet privately managed) have the right to do as they please with American Educational Tax monies? The problem here is that the charter school laws were very lax and as a result many people / organizations were getting approvals on charter school application without much oversight. That is changing, many charter schools are getting closed down and denied in the USA (not just the Gulenist operated ones)
MarkMunoz May 14, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Yawn When will you give up the pathetic online comments that are thinly disguised to create propaganda for Gulen "inspired" schools? It isn't working.


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