State Senators Want 'Adults' to Resolve Fulton Science Academy Charter Dispute

Albers, Rogers say issuance of a charter for the Alpharetta school should be a common goal in the interest of Fulton County students.

As the Fulton County Schools System briefs media about charter schools, state Sen. John Albers and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers asked for a resolution to be found in the .

“The academic achievement at Fulton Science Academy is a real success story. As a , and with the for an amazing four consecutive years, the students, parents and teachers should be commended and supported," the state senators said in their joint statement this afternoon.

"The issuance of a new charter for this high performing school should not be the subject of educational factions but rather a common goal for everyone who claims an interest in Fulton County students," they said.

The two men want an end to the disagreements, with a resolution found in time for the school board's meeting Tuesday night. The school board lists issues as the length of the charter requested–10 years initially compared to the school system's three years–and problems with what it terms a blanket waiver of Title 20 requirements. Those include teacher and professional staff certification rules.

Some local residents complain about ties Fulton Science Academy appears to have with Grace Institute for Educational Research and Resources. A look at board members shows some governing board members for Fulton Science Academy have been Grace Institute board members. (Editor's Note: Accessing this link requires a free registration on Guidestar.org.)

"We urge the interested parties to commit to finding a resolution in the next 24 hours. The future of our children is at stake. When the community considers the success of this school, we should all demand the disagreement between adults come to an end and a solution for the students be implemented,” they said.

Patch will continue to post updates on the Fulton Science Academy charter application status.

MarkMunoz December 21, 2011 at 07:15 AM
http://www.istockanalyst.com/business/news/5608331/fitch-downgrades-fulton-science-academy-ga-s-revs-to-bb-rating-watch-negative Fitch downgrades Fulton Science Academy to a BB rating states- lack of oversight in managing their renewal process. FSA stop being greedy, you don't deserve 10 years with no oversight just because you fixed the Blue Ribbon Award for your school to win it. Big deal, you are fake.
Datch December 22, 2011 at 12:02 AM
Did an adult write this?
Smarter Students December 22, 2011 at 02:35 PM
Lots of false statements and allegations coming from you "MarkMunoz"... now your suggesting that FSA "fixed" the Blue Ribbon Award? C'mon. http://alpharetta.patch.com/articles/fulton-science-academy-wants-school-board-to-reconsider-its-charter http://alpharetta.patch.com/articles/parent-gives-school-board-reasons-for-passion-about-fulton-science-academy?ncid=following_comment http://sandysprings.patch.com/articles/avossa-firm-on-denying-fulton-science-middle-school-petition


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