Tech Accepted Students Raise the Bar

School has high expectations for the 2012-13 freshman class; eighty-six countries and 49 states represented in the admitted class.

The is a difficult school to gain admittance to - very difficult.

The school recently said the average high school grade point average for those accepted to Georgia Tech for the 2012 fall semester is 3.9 with an average SAT score of 1430 or 2105 with writing included. That represents an average of 700 points for each section.

Approximately 14,700 students applied for acceptance to Georgia Tech for the 2012-13 school year, an Institute record and a three percent increase from last year. Each student is vying for one of the 2,400 spots for fall admission or the 250 spots available to start this summer.

On average, admitted students will have taken eight classes that are Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college-level by graduation. Georgia Tech’s admission review process and GPA re-calculation values a student’s choice to take more rigorous courses during his or her high school career.

“This year’s accepted class is truly exceptional,” said Director of Undergraduate Admission Rick Clark in a statement. “Each year, the competition for admission to Georgia Tech is increasing and every class raises the quality of our campus.” 

According to Clark, this year’s decisions were extremely difficult. “We conduct an extensive, holistic and comparative review process, which means every application is read multiple times. Our admitted class of students not only has remarkable academic achievements and established intellectual curiosity, but also has proven potential to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.”

The class also continued the trend of being more diverse, with 86 countries and 49 states represented in the admitted class. Georgia Tech accepted more women and Hispanic students this year compared to last year. Clark clarified, however, that admittance statistics don’t necessarily predict ultimate enrollment numbers.

Early deposits are up by about 10 percent as well. Those accepted to Georgia Tech have until May 1 to make their deposits and enroll in classes during their freshman orientation.

The University of Georgia is set to announce admission decisions by the start of April.

- Georgia Tech contributed to this story


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