Spring Break -- Boomers Looking for the 'Endless Summer'

As Boomers, we have retooled, and wherever we go, our work and play go hand in hand, and our minds are open to positive suggestion. How's that for rationalizing a trip to the beach?

Like many other seniors and Boomers, a swift reality kick through the goal post of life inspired us to retool, continue working and create value. Now, wherever we go, our work and play go hand in hand, and our minds are open to positive suggestion. How's that for rationalizing a trip to the beach?          

This month, our "road trip" to Panama City Beach satisfied our work ethic...deep introspection and focused contemplation of our navels amidst warm sunshine, hypnotic waves and a great coastal breeze!

From our condo 22 floors high, we clearly heard the gentle rush of the Gulf below. Each day pelicans and feathered friends performed just for us, gliding gracefully by our balcony at eye level. Spontaneous outings with camera and camcorder to the pristine beach turned polarizing filters and sunscreen into our best friends.  Our body clocks became set to brilliant sunrise and sunsets outdoing themselves every 24 hours. We got sand in our shorts, salt water on our lips, and just plain enjoyed the moment. 

Ever notice how the beach changes personality from hour to hour? 

At sunrise, fishing ships are barely visible near the horizon, silent sea birds skim in trolling formation over the shallows for breakfast, treasure hunters stroke the sand with metal detectors, singular joggers and couples greet the morning in a world of their own, leaving only competitive footprints and tide washed love notes.

Pretty soon, families with sand buckets, and inflatable toys, stake their ground with folding chairs, and  colorful blankets. Beach umbrellas are planted with profiles high enough to spot over your shoulder while standing waste deep in the water, or before the current escorts you and your floating raft too far up the shoreline.

By lunch time, volleyball, hard bodies, and rock music challenge the waves, and people watching begins. Beach side restaurants are busy serving seafood delicacies, and replacing bodily fluids taken by sunshine and sport. This is the time of day when you can let your senses flood with sounds, smells, tastes, temperatures, and moving visual distraction...a carnival on the beach.

At sunset, families wind down for naps and dinner. Sky color and skin tones became romantic, while photographers pixilate, saturate, rejoice, and embrace -- guess you had to be there….

Such positive vibes we get when talking about “going to the beach!” Is it a “youth refresher”? Is it a “good memory” draw from family vacations or teenage frenzied, pile-in-one-room-and-party Spring Break? Bottom line, most folks seem to get a warm and friendly feeling about the beach.      

That's our story, and we're stickin' to it...what's yours?  Is there a beach in your future?

Positively yours,

Sheri and Bill

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Sharon Swanepoel May 08, 2012 at 03:17 PM
I wish an endless summer was in my future! As a baby boomer, aren't I entitled to it Just sayin!
Sheri & Bill Eppright May 09, 2012 at 02:18 PM
As Baby Boomers ourselves, hard to find fault with your logic...lol! Positively yours, Sheri and Bill


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