Innovative Sports Training System Used in Roswell

Jorge Bonnet's PurMotion system is being used at two different locations in Roswell where any local resident has the opportunity to try it out.

Millions of people spend countless hours hoping that one day they will make the Olympic team. The rate of failure is very high. But failure wasn’t an option for Jorge Bonnet. Not only did he make the Olympics, but he did it five times in two different sports.  

In 1984 and 1988, Bonnet was part of the Puerto Rican judo team. In 1992, ’94 and ’98, he made a complete 180 and competed for his country in bobsled.  Competition has always been in the forefront of Bonnet’s mind—that drive to succeed started at an early age. And it lead him to where he is today, the CEO and founder of PurMotion, a workout philosophy that focuses on balance and training the way you move, which is now being used at SportsLab and Just Fitness in Roswell.

After the Olympics, Bonnet went off on his own on a quest to deliver portable, multi-functional based workouts for his clients. The big companies had been dictating the definition of fitness for years. Their mission is to buy one machine and perform one movement. Bonnet went out to prove that you need to be in constant motion to get a true workout.

“I struggled to answer, what is PurMotion? It’s really perfecting the art of functional training and changing the way fitness is perceived. Train the way you move and the way you play. That’s what we use; the magic is in the movement. Achieving total balance, pushing, pulling, rotational movement, locomotive—making sure those movements are done in all directions, that’s what we want.  It’s all about human movement, it’s about flow,” he said.

For PurMotion, flow means jumping, catching, rolling on the turf. How can you take those movements on the field, ice, court and create movement in the weight room with a high carry over or transferability to a place where we play.  That’s why Bonnet is so passionate about what he does and is using his Olympic credentials to prove its value.

And many people have bought into it.

Athlete’s Performance Institute has PurMotion machines in its facilities as do many colleges and high schools across the country.

“The philosophy is simple,” Bonnet said, “Moving your body as one integrated unit and high intensity in all directions. The body works as one unit performing in all directions. It’s as simple as that. Ultimately when you achieve or comply with that simple definition you achieve balance and success.”


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