Roswell Hosts Prestigious Gymnastics Meet

The Atlanta Hawk Cheerleaders turned up to support the Roswell Men's Gymnastics team at the event, Jan. 12.

An excited crowd of spectators awaited the start of the 13th Annual Roswell City Classic, a men’s gymnastics meet featuring 364 gymnasts from 22 prestigious teams in the southeast, on Saturday, Jan. 12.

The Roswell City Classic is one of the largest men’s gymnastics meets in Georgia and southeastern United States, according to a Roswell Men's Gymnastics press release. Elite judges and teams are from Georgia and surrounding states.   

"Each year, the Roswell City Classic increases in the number of teams and gymnasts, providing the most challenging meet early in the season," said Ben Wood, director of the Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Team. 

The Physical Activity Center at Roswell Area Park is the venue for the annual meet and home gym to Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Team.

"The success of the Roswell City Classic relies heavily on parent volunteers and sponsors. Our 2013 Roswell City Classic was fortunate to have more than 20 top flight, Roswell and Alpharetta sponsors to support our meet, easing the way for us to host 1500 plus spectators throughout the weekend meet. Our sponsors provide coaches and judges meals, spectator prizes, operational equipment, and entertainment for our meet."  said Wood.

Joining the action were the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders, who were welcomed to the city event by Roswell Mayor Jere Wood. The cheerleaders entertained the crowd by passing out Hawks calendars and tossing t-shirts and towels into the stands. They took photos with the gymnasts, spectators, coaches and judges and passed out awards to the winning gymnasts.

"The Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders and the mayor added another layer of excitement to meet and we hope they will return for the 2014 Roswell City Classic," Wood said.


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