Ten Tips for Traveling with Children

The Goddard School Roswell owner, Chris Dibling-West, offers local families some tips for surviving the summer travel season.

Whether via plane, train or car, traveling with little ones can be a stressful and sometimes worrisome task. With many local families getting ready to take off on their summer vacations, it is essential to know how to keep children entertained and safe while on the road or in the air. To help put parents’ minds at ease, the childcare experts at have supplied their top 10 traveling tips for families with children:

  1. Plan for an active stretch at a rest stop or a playground – let them walk or toddle for twenty or so minutes before climbing back in the car.
  2. For infants, pre-measure formula into bottles and carry a room temperature bottle of water to mix on the go.
  3. If you are traveling by plane, a car seat can double as a feeding chair or nap location. Call ahead for a crib to be added to your hotel room.
  4. Bring music, books, stuffed animals and foam shapes that will “stick” to the car seat. In an airplane, bring or purchase headphones for music and rest it on your child’s shoulders instead of over their ears.
  5. Have some active playtime just before leaving and plan for frequent stops. In an airplane, let children walk down the aisle periodically at their own pace.
  6. Airports can be a bustling place – this may be the one time you should check your luggage at the curb. This way, you can focus on your little one’s needs without the hassle of luggage in tow.
  7. Play window games to keep your child entertained – count the trucks, cows or red lights.
  8. Buckle up a toy bin right next to the children so they can help themselves. Having a variety of books, links, stuffed animals and puppets can help keep them from getting bored.
  9. Use a laptop desk for drawing with paper and crayons.
  10. If you’re using a hotel babysitter: a) Check the sitter’s credentials, including criminal and/or child abuse clearances. b) Check the room and the equipment in the room. c) Carry your phone and check your phone service when you arrive at your destination.


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