Roswell Nonprofit Helps Kids with Illness

Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a new nonprofit based in Roswell, gives room makeovers to kids with long-term illness.

As a buyer for Rooms To Go Kids, with many connections in the furniture industry, Holly Ranney wanted to give something back in the best way she could. So last spring, she started Sunshine on a Ranney Day – a non-profit organization based in Roswell that gives dream room makeovers to kids with long-term illness.

“I felt that these children – it was beyond their control,” Ranney told Patch. “They can’t go to school on a daily basis and have a normal childhood.”

In July, the group gave its first makeover to Mathew Majka, an 11-year-old boy who is fighting a brain tumor. A group of 18 volunteers – nine of them from Roswell - went to Mathew’s home in Bonaire, Ga.

Because Mathew wants to go into the military one day, they chose a military theme for his room – complete with camouflage walls and even a plane propeller on the wall. The 561st AMXS at Warner Robins Air Force Base helped out, giving gifts to Mathew, along with a tour of the base and pitching in with the renovations. A local pilot also took Mathew on a flight to Atlanta and back.

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