Computer Coding - What 90% of Schools Don't Teach!

What 90% of Schools Don’t Teach!

There’s no secret the U.S. is behind in Math and Science.  Learning to code is the new literacy. It accelerates child development, especially in math. There are over 19 mathematical concepts in SCRATCH (a computer coding program for kids developed by MIT). Imagine an 8 year old learning about negative numbers, probability, equations, variables, etc. Learning to code stimulates creativity and builds confidence in boys and especially for girls (according to the National Center for Women and Technology) and it unlocks the best and most promising careers in America. According to the U.S. Labor Department there will be a shortage of over 1 million people to fill the jobs in computer science by 2020.  

What is 21st Century Learning? It has been over 13 years since we entered the 21st century and yet it seems only recently the ”buzz word” in education is "21st Century Learning.” The term is generally used to refer to certain core competencies such as collaboration, critical thinking, digital literacy, problem-solving…all which are needed to help students thrive in today’s world and toward college and career readiness.

Why I’m a Passionate Educator? I left a career in education because I believe there can and should be more programs of study offered to students beyond what traditional education provides, so I started my own learning center.  All children, not just those identified as talented and gifted, should have opportunities for academic enrichment which involves 21st century learning programs such as: computer science, entrepreneur mentoring programs, computer clubs for girls and boys, robotics, book club discussions, creative and business writing and more. Often these courses are only found during summer camps at major colleges and universities and they come with a high price-tag for parents who want to give their children high-level extended opportunities in education. 

We can change the direction we are going and give education a facelift. We need community organizations, corporate and civic leaders, parents, small businesses and schools all working together to support student learning…not just in the regular classroom, but beyond the final school day bell.  It can be done and must be done because our children's future depends on us to make it happen.

I see myself as a goal oriented, visionary leader in education to provide educational programs which meet the needs of our community’s children and offer programs of study to help launch our children toward not only college and careers, but to promote a life-time of learning while also having fun.

Denise Detamore is the Founder/Director of Advantage Learning Cooperative Educational Center.  A Center Dedicated to Educational Change, Awareness and Exceptional Programs of Study. http://www.advantagelearningcoop.com/

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Marian December 30, 2013 at 08:18 AM
This is a very powerful writing. Thank you for this information. I believe our education system needs major changes. I have a Senior ready to graduate high school and the amount of work is tremendous. Several people had a discussion over dinner recently that although the kids in our schools have a very tough curriculum, it seems they just overload them. How much of that overload will actually be retained long-term. Instead we all agreed it would make sense to focus to learn something well. Ms. Detamore makes many excellent points in her article. Marian R. (a concerned parent)
Russell Sherman December 30, 2013 at 08:30 AM
I'm a computer programmer and work with many international companies. There is much truth to this. My wife is also a teacher and the workload is extreme. Somehow the school systems think more is better. There's more to academics than loading kids up with enormous amounts of work. What about those hands-on experiences, promoting education in our society. Good article!


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